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The Su Mannau cave

The Cave of Su Mannau located in the Municipality of Fluminimaggiore, is considered  one of the most interesting karst cavities in Sardinia.

Known since ancient times, its first part (the Archaeological Hall) was used as an underground temple since the pre-Nuragic period. The cave is located in the valley of the same name and the Rio Su Mannau springs from its bowels.

The technical data relating to the cavity are as follows:

CAVITY NAME                                      SU MANNAU CAVE

AREA                                      :                               ABOUT MANNAU

COMMON              :                            FLUMINIMAGGIORE - CA

LATITUDE                :                                           39 ° 24'24 "

LONGITUDE              :                                          3 ° 57'29 "

PLANIM DEVELOPMENT.          :                                     8,250 m

LENGTH                :                                           3.500 mt.

MAX DIFFERENCE.           :                                      - 40 mt. === + 120 mt.

ENTRANCE FEE above sea level     :                                  + 220 mt.


Su Mannau cave is a  large karst complex located under the limestone block that goes from Su Mannau - Terra Nieddas to the side of Antas - Oghittu. Composed of two main branches originating from two small internal streams: the Left Branch from the Placido River and the Right Branch from the Rapido River.

  It would be almost useless to dwell on the beauties of the internal rooms by now well-known nationally, rich in stalactites and stalagmites and imposing phenomena of concretion such as aragonites and crystallizations of calcites. The left branch is characterized by a rather bumpy course with large and deep wells especially in the section that goes from the Rodriguez Well to the Infinity Branch.


In this branch you can admire:

- the Sala Serra, a large room full of very white flows;

- the Rodriguez well over 20 meters wide. and 23 meters deep. dominated by imposing columns that are currently part of the touristic branch of the cave;

- the Branch of the Infinite rich in concretions and alabaster flows.

  • Going down to the last level you arrive at the Placido river which slowly flows towards the valley creating suggestive accumulations of river sand;


  • In the upper branches there are several rooms: the Sala dei Cristalli which will lead to the Puddu Gallery and the connection to the right branch.

  • The right branch called in its first part Ramo dei Bolognesi is the most frequented section, with an almost horizontal course it goes up the Rapido River for about 3500 meters.

  • On this branch you can admire karst phenomena of great grandeur:

  • The Pisoliti waterfall with the hall above where singular “cave pearls” spheres cover the floor;

  • : - the Hanging lake, about 40 meters long and 5 meters deep, can be crossed in periods of flood with the help of boats;

  • the Sala del Sonno rich in eccentric stalactites and aragonites with large columns up to 15 meters high;

  • the Sala Bianca, difficult to get there, but with truly unique aragonites;

  • The Ribaldone hall is a large collapsing room over 150 meters high;

  • the Virgin room, a true pearl of Su Mannau, is a large white room adorned with real white organs with coral and eccentric aragonites with unique shapes.

  • the Bizarre Room, located beyond a pseudosiphon that can be overcome with diving suits, is another large room full of  huge aragonites and very strange concretions called "mushrooms";

  • the Salone degli Abeti last known large room of the cave is an immense room over 40 meters high with the floor adorned with real crystal fir trees. From here the cave continues in a narrow semi-submerged tunnel which is very difficult to climb. At the present stage of exploration, this branch has been explored for over 1 km., Several lateral tributaries bring underground water, giving rise to the Rapido River.

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